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The Chronicles Of Gulzaari Laal

May 30, 2013

“The Chronicles of Gulzaari Laal” , the choice of this title came from the literary work – a series of novels by C.S. Lewis titled “The Chronicles of Narnia” which later on was also made into a series of movies. What relates the two is the fact that on one hand was the unprecedented rise of an ordinary carpet weaver to a self-styled Dervish or Peer who had a obvious large clout and on the other hand the rise of an ordinary girl Narnia to a fantasy world of magic, mythical beasts and of course talking animals. There isn’t much difference in the two cases since Gulzaari Laal as I call him also claimed of divine revelations, especially of the nuzool of Quran to him in Kashmiri, dreams of informing him of a Sufi lineage and the divine order of having 72 wives though spiritually.
Since the past few days , the above mentioned person has been in the news mostly for the wrong reasons. There have been accusations and counter accusations as well. There are people accusing him of sexual exploitations while some are there who definitely are there to claim his innocence. Whether he is guilty or not, God knows the best and maybe in the coming days investigations will bring it to the fore. My reason of writing this piece is somewhat else.
For the past days, I have been reading nearly every news article about him and the things that pertained to him. For all the things that he did, I wouldn’t blame him entirely but I would blame those people equally who followed him. An illiterate carpet weaver who doesn’t know beyond the two kalmas was raised to such stature. It surely is the fault of the people. Didn’t they ever try to verify his credentials? When we marry our relatives, we go from one corner to the other verifying the credentials of the person whom the person is getting married with, but this wasn’t done here because we have left our religion aside. The Holy Quran (17:36) tells us not to believe/propagate anything unless we verify it completely to our satisfaction, but when we left our religion in the hands of such people, such things are bound to happen.
Another thing that makes me wonder about his intelligence or people’s stupidity was the slogan “Deenas Bahaara Syed Gulzaara” that was chanted by his supporters during a protest at The Press Enclave Srinagar. This reminds me of the classic slogan of the old times of Kashmir “Laa ilaaha illa Allah Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah”. It amazes me to the extent that I think that we are the same illiterates of the 1940s and 1950s.
Nuzool of the Quran was the most interesting thing I heard about him. Nuzool first of all, that too in Kashmiri! Aren’t we Kashmiris literate enough to know that Quran was the last divine book to be revealed upon the Prophet SAW and there will not be anyone worthy of Prophecy after him?
Pertinent to mention, I was going through a post where a girl on a so called confession page had claimed that he is a great man. Her aunt couldn’t conceive for years and she went to this Dervish. He gave her a Tabruk and she conceived. And what was the most interesting thing was she credited this all to Gulzaari Laal and not to God. Has our faith reached to this level? Prophet Ibrahim AS didn’t have a child for many years. He used to pray God for it not someone else. Had he gone to a Peer Baba at that time and credited him for everything, we wouldn’t have been here today.
We surely are not God loving people, we are God fearing people only remembering him during adversities but not during the bliss of happiness. Hence we try to evade the actual procedures for everything.
I respect all sorts of faith whether within Islam or outside it. I also acknowledge the fact that all sorts of Peers aren’t like this. Some are religious too, but raising them to a demi-God stature would be nothing but throwing a axe on your own feet in this world as well as the Hereafter. I may not be a perfect Muslim, I consider myself a big sinner but at least I have the brains to know and study about my religion myself and not trusting someone’s word blindly.
P.S. Constructive criticism is welcome. And I am in no means trying to demean anyone’s faith by writing this


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